<span>RECENT WORK</span>

  • BoJack Horseman

    Netflix and TornanteNetflix' first adult-oriented animated original series “BoJack Horseman.” Meet the most beloved sitcom horse of the '90s - 20 years later. BoJack Horseman was the star of the hit TV show "Horsin' Around," but today he's ...

  • Final Space

    TBSFinal Space is a serialized intergalactic space saga about an astronaut named Gary and his adorable, planet-destroying friend, Mooncake. The series will follow their adventures as they embark on a quest to unlock the mystery of “Final ...

  • Human Discoveries
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    Netflix and TornanteHUMAN DISCOVERIES follows an impetuous group of friends living at the dawn of human civilization.  Of course, they're the first to discover necessities like fire and the wheel. But, much more importantly, we'll watch as they ...

  • Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio

    NETFLIXIn his first feature deal to direct since The Shape of Water won him Oscars for Best Picture and Best Director, Guillermo del Toro has made a deal with Netflix to co-direct his stop-motion animated passion project Pinocchio. Del Toro has ...